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Crawford Control Panel

Control Panel

Self-explanatory and easy to operate, this innovative all-in-one control system provides direct control of the dock leveller, door and dock shelter.

Besam Sliding Door Operator

Pedestrian doors

Sleek and quiet, this modular sliding door operator with Besam TightSeal combines intelligent traffic optimization with superior energy savings.

Crawford Inflatable Shelter


Ideal for rough environments, this shelter is inflated around the docked vehicle for complete sealing, instead having the vehicle push up against it.

Crawford Curtain Dock Shelter


Available in many heights and widths, this curtain shelter has a self-adjusting top section that adapts to vehicle heights and vertical movements.

Crawford Inflatable Shelter


The roller top seal of this inflatable shelter, which is automatically activated for low or high vehicles, follows all vertical movements of the docked vehicle.

Crawford Curtain Dock Shelter


Attractive and corrosion- resistant, this curtain has an aluminum frame and factory-made attachment holes that prevent fabric rupturing.

Crawford Stepdock

Step Leveller

Secure and energy efficient, the Stepdock allows the dock-in procedure to be completed and the shelter seal to be established before the vehicle doors are opened.

Crawford Swingdock

Swing Dock

The easy-to-operate Swingdock, whose swing lip bridges the gap between the ramp and the vehicle bed, is a standard in industry applications.

Crawford Minidock


Developed for fleet operators whose vehicles have a standard bed height, the economical Minidock is a manually operated dock leveller.

Crawford Teledock


The universal Teledock has a unique telescopic aluminum lip that can be precisely positioned on the vehicle bed to allow full bed utilization.

Crawford Combidock


Serving trucks or vans at the turn of a switch, the Combidock eliminates the need for different ramp heights and thereby reduces building cost.

Crawford Isodock


Insulated and hermetically sealed off below to prevent the intrusion of hot or cold air, Isodock is an energy-saving dock leveller with a telescopic lip.

Crawford Drawbridges


Crawford Drawbridges are the best flexible solution for open ramps and for providing service to vehicles.

Crawford Dock Door

Dock Door

Designed for dry areas with ample headroom, this overhead sectional door rises vertically when opened and features a unique and simple design.

Crawford Overhead Sectional Door

Overhead Door

This robust and well-insulated overhead sectional door slides up under the roof when opened, saving space in cold storage areas with limited headroom.

Albany Internal High-Performance Door

Albany Internal Door

This high-performance door has a modern design with aluminum side frames and offers customizable features such as automatic door opening.

Albany Rigid & Insulated High-Performance Door

Albany Internal Door

This rigid, high-performance roll door is suitable for external and internal applications where optimal insulation and energy efficiency are needed.

Albany Internal/External High-Performance Door

Albany Internal/External Door

Featuring an economical design for larger door openings, this manually operated door is has knockout capabilities to reduce impact cost.

Albany Rigid High-Performance Door

Albany High Performance Rigid Door

This rigid, high-performance roll door is suitable for external and internal applications where access control and high security are mandatory.

Crawford Loadhouse


Comprising leveller, shelter and door, this solution for outdoor docking saves space indoors and is available in heavy-duty and light versions (depending on geographical area).

Crawford Dock-IN White & Red Guide and Traffic Lights

Additional items

Providing cost-effective safety around the docking bay, these energy-efficient LED lights are a better visual aid than white stripes on the asphalt.

Preventive maintenance programs

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Maintenance and service aren’t about what you get. They’re about what you avoid: failures, accidents, losses and unplanned interruptions. A preventive maintenance program is the key to extending the life of your equipment and avoiding problems before they occur.

Space saving

Space Savings

In this dry storage solution, a Crawford Dock Door acts as a gateway to the loading bay. No indoor space is wasted, thanks to a Crawford Loadhouse placed just outside. At the vehicle interface is a durable Crawford Curtain Dock Shelter, whose self-adjusting top section adapts to the vehicles and their vertical movement during unloading. When vehicles arrive, the LED lights of a Crawford Dock-IN package direct them safely into position. A Crawford Teledock then extends to the vehicle bed, creating a smooth passage between the leveller and bed with its uniquely flat aluminum lip.


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This dry storage solution begins with a vertically rising Crawford Dock Door. Beyond it is a Crawford Inflatable Shelter, whose roller-design top seal is automatically activated upon the arrival of low or high vehicles. Since the shelter follows the vehicle’s vertical movements, the seal remains tight during unloading. Equal flexibility is provided by a Crawford Combidock, which allows trucks or vans to use the same ramp upon the turn of a switch. The Combidock also follows the vehicle’s vertical movements and keeps the lip against the bed if the vehicle should move horizontally.

A simple standard for savings

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In this simple and economical dry storage solution where headroom is available, a Crawford Dock Door rises vertically to uncover the door opening. Vehicles arriving at the bay are served by a manually operated Crawford Minidock, which is ideal for standardized fleets whose vehicles have the same bed height. A limited free-floating function allows the platform to adapt to the vertical movement of the vehicle as it is loaded.

A cold seal below as well as above

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In this cold storage solution, an insulating Crawford Overhead Sectional Door slides up under the roof. Beyond it is a Crawford Inflatable Shelter, installed into a frame construction with energy-conserving insulated panels. Arriving vehicles back safely into the bay with the help of the LED lights in a Crawford Dock-IN package. Instead of the vehicles pushing up against the shelter, the shelter itself inflates around them for complete sealing. A telescopic Crawford Isodock keeps energy from being lost during loading and unloading, thanks to insulation beneath that creates a hermitic seal against the surrounding warm air.

Opening last to put energy first

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This cold storage solution incorporates an insulating Crawford Overhead Sectional Door and a Crawford Loadhouse. The door does not open until an energy-efficient Crawford Inflatable Shelter has inflated and sealed around the docked vehicle. Only after the overhead sectional door slides up under the roof do the vehicle’s rear doors open inside the shelter. This sequence is enabled by the specially designed Crawford Stepdock leveller. Completing a sealed passage before the doors are opened protects the cold chain, increases safety and prevents the theft of goods.